We have listed our Goals that we are doing and going to do. Have a look at it and spread us to serve more people.

“Sri Sesha Sai Trust” preserves our traditional medicinal practice of “Sitha Maruthuvam”(Sidda Medicine).

To expose the fame and benefits of endangered sidda medicine to this world.

To establish sidda medicine camps.

Treating patients at low cost through sidda medicine.

To establishishing sidda medicine training schools.

To plant sidda medicinal plants and herbal plants.

To provide free treatment for people under poverty.

To preserve environment.

To preserve nature.

To prevent global warming.

To show the importance of trees.

To plant seedlings on sideways of road.

To counsel how to control air pollution.

To help orphans, provide assistance and training for self employment.

To help physically challenged people, victims of epidemic, H.I.V. patients, deaf, mute and mentally challenged.

To create awareness among the people to eradicate drugs, alcohol and smoking.

To help people suffering from massive trauma due to accident and helping to remove unclaimed bodies.

To provide educational help for poor students.

To conduct medical camps, eye care camps and blood donation camps.

The main purpose of the trust is to bring together those interested in preventing the endangered culture and spread the traditional culture to lead in right path.

To establish nursery schools, primary schools, night schools, educational institutions, medical, technology, engineering, science, arts, research, teacher training, vocational training, and medical institutions.

To start industries and business in benefit of trust to provide jobs for unemployed.

To build orphanage and old age home for orphans, widows and old people.